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We’re so grateful to have such amazing clients and are thrilled to see the amazing results they’ve achieved. If you’re ready to make a change in your health and fitness, we’d love to help you achieve your goals. Join us today and see the difference for yourself! Don’t just take our word for it – see what real people have to say about their experiences with our proven fitness system. 

“It was at this very low time in my life that I was lucky enough to have someone close to me in my life,cast a rope down into my valley and teach me one very valuable lesson. It’s OK to need some help at times. It’s okay to admit you don’t know what your doing. And it’s ok to fail, especially if you have someone to help pick you back up. Entrusting the beginning of my journey into the very capable hands of Colin allowed me to finally put aside my pride and truly begin the long but very important journey out of my valley. Personal training has been great in helping me train.. but more importantly, it was essential to understanding to ask for help, and put my pride aside. One valley conquered. Health.. here i come.’

Brandon H.

I have been training with Colin (owner and trainer) since he opened. His gym is always clean, welcoming and has the newest equipment. Not only does he keep his gym up to date, what I like most about him is he keeps his health and fitness knowledge up to date through courses and reading materials. When I first started training with Colin, I had a serious bike injury where I broke my wrist amongst other injuries. Doctors said I wouldn’t be able to do push ups and other basic movements, but Colin was patient enough and took it step by step, and now I’m back to normal can do much more than push ups. I highly recommend Colin and his gym!

Mile L.

Absolutely amazing trainer. Colin is personable, Knowledgeable and just genuinely a nice guy. My son has been seeing him for almost a year now and loves it. He pushes him to do his absolute best and the results are phenomenal! Highly recommend the facility!

Terri B.

Colin is an excellent coach. Friendly and easy-going. Flexible hours. All my friends on Facebook amazed how quick and effective of the results within two months. Highly recommended 🙂.

Sujittra K.

Through a mix of intuition, experience and good science Colin will get you performing at your best, and under him your best will get better. The workouts are dynamic but the progress and improvements are consistent. Incredible stuff.

Mark O.

“Without a doubt, Colin transformed my way of living , and thinking with healthy food choices and consistent exercise. Life is fun, full of unexpected changes that I embrace with confidence. Choosing Colin as my personal trainer, was the best decision I ever made! Plus, an added bonus is I can train with Colin anywhere on this big planet! I can move anywhere and he will always have my training plan ready specifically for me! I’m 52 and in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically. I look forward to the next ten years ! Age is just a number . Thank you Colin.”

Corinne G.

Best place to go to for 1 on 1 training. Colin has a wealth of knowledge, the training to back it up, and holds you accountable to your goals.

Gurpreet G.

To date I have lost over 35lbs. It has been a journey and can say that I could not have done this without the help of Evolution of Fitness and Colin. Colin is educated, fully certified, trained, knowledgeable, compassionate and has extension experience. From the first time we met he put me at ease and developed a plan specifically for my abilities. As I had never been to a gym that idea intimidated me so I felt more comfortable in a one-on-one training program. Evolution has all the necessary equipment to build muscle and flexibility. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and would highly recommend Evolution of Fitness & Performance to anybody if they are serious about making a difference in your life and health. I have not only lost a lot of weight and gained muscle but have also cut almost all of the medications that I have been taking for my arthritis. I now feel amazing and look forward to many years keeping up to my grandkids. Thanks Colin for the friendship we have developed over the last several months and especially for helping me get back my life.

Rory W.

Colin is the most encouraging trainer. He will make sure you get all your sets done! He not only trains your body but even your mind. He is professional, encouraging and knows exactly how much to challenge you. I was always scared to lift weights but now I am not as after every session I feel like a winner even when it’s a challenging day. He knows how much ready our body is for a new challenge and will make you work for it.
You will enjoy your workouts here as he makes it fun and no day is same. 😊

Himali L.

”I started personal training when my sister asked me to be Maid of Honour at her wedding. I realized that I wanted to look good since I was going to be in a lot of pictures. When I first stepped on the scale I didn’t realize how heavy I was and I knew that I needed to change. It has been a hard 3 months as I work 50 hours a week and had to find time to work out in between. After looking at the before and after pictures I can’t believe how much my body has changed and how much stronger I feel. I am not quite at my goal but I know I am heading in the right direction and that I will look amazing in my bridesmaid dress in January!” in”

Ariel N.

Evolution Performance is honestly the BEST! The one-on-one attention you get is second to none. EP cares about your fitness goals and will do everything possible to help you succeed. If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals, this is the only route to go in my mind.

The facility is top of the line. Clean, tidy and personal. I would take the Evolution Performance gym over any gym in Calgary. Period. It’s a little out of the way, but it is worth the drive EVERY time.

If you are wanting to take the next step in your fitness or just looking to shed a couple of pounds, I HIGHLY recommend Evolution Performance. The results speak for themselves!.

Evan L..

Colin is an absolute amazing trainer. The results I’m getting are something I honestly never thought I could achieve. He’s easy to chat with which makes the one on one training easy, like hanging out with an old friend. Colin keeps track of my meals and makes any necessary adjustments to make sure I reach or exceed my goals. The workouts are never to much but always leave feeling accomplished and good! I strongly encourage having a chat with him

London R.

Colin is highly educated in fitness and nutrition. He keeps things simple yet very effective and in the gym he is extremely helpful and motivating.

Ethan K.

Colin is amazing! I’m a more mature woman looking to strengthen my body for skiing and other activities, and he nailed it……lost a pant size! Bravo Colin

Jen K.






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